Thursday, September 17, 2009

NFL point spreads.

The spreads are out and I am here to give you sports-aholics the teams to pick.

Oakland @ Kansas City -3

It amazes me that after Oakland's strong performance on Monday Vegas isn't giving them more credit. Oakland looked strong against San Diego and despite making some bad decisions at times JaMarcus Russell looked more like an NFL caliber starter then any other time in his career. KC also had a strong showing against Baltimore but this being Cassel's first start for Kansas City. Not only do I expect Oakland to cover but I look for them to win.

Houston @ Tennessee -6.5

Houston looked bad against the Jets, and Tennessee looked good in a loss against the Steelers. Winning by a touchdown doesn't seem to hard to the Titans and I expect them to win and cover the points.

New England @ New York Jets +3.5

New England looked bad against the Bills on Monday and Sanchez and the Jets looked good. With OJ Mayo out this week I expect the Patriot's defense to struggle against what I consider to be a more competent offense then the Bills have. If Tom Brady returns to form like he did in the last 2 minutes against the Bills then I would expect them to win by more then four points. However if not I expect the Jets Defense to give him trouble and take the upset and not only cover the points but win the game outright.

Cincinnati @ Green Bay -9

I expect Green Bay to win this game, and while I think Cincinnati's offense will bounce back and look better then it did last week, its defense is still too weak to handle Aaron Rodgers and his passing attack. I expect Green Bay to win and give the points.

Minnesota @ Detroit +10

Detroit is still an awful team, and while they put up some points against a weak New Orleans defense their offense will struggle more against Minnesota's. While I think 10 points will be tough, I still expect Minnesota to win and cover, but just barely.

New Orleans @ Philadelphia PK

This is a pick em game, but I can not figure out why. With McNabb down and Kevin Kolb getting the start I expect New Orleans to come away with the win and a wide margin. Look for Garcia to be thrown in the game late if Kolb struggles.

Carolina @ Atlanta -6

At the start of the year this looked to be a good match up. Then Delhomme went and gave up 5 turnovers and the point spread is now six. I still don't think thats high enough and I expect Delhomme to have a similar outing against a tough Atlanta defense. I'll Take Atlanta and give the points.

St. Louis @ Washington -9.5

St. Louis got shut out last week and the Redskins are angry about their lost to the Giants last week. Still I look to Marc Bulger to try and prove that he still belongs in the NFL. I expect the Redskins to win, but I think St. Louis puts up more of a fight then people expect and covers the spread.

Arizona @ Jacksonville -3

Jacksonville looked tough against the Colts and Arizona struggled against and loss to the 49ers. I suspect that this is why the Jaguars are favored in this game. However I expect the Jags will take a step back and the Cards will step it up, hearing doubters whisper about a super bowl hangover. I'll take Arizona with the points.

Seattle @ San Fransisco -1.5

Seattle has just shut their opponent out while San Fran has just beaten the NFC champs. I think it will be a close game (and so do the line setters) but I if given the choice of Shaun Hill and Matt Hasselbeck I'll take the pro bowler any day of the week. I'll take Seattle to win outright.

Tampa Bay @ Buffalo -5

Buffalo looked good against the Patriots but still didn't put up many points. With Posluszny injured their defense will struggle. While Tampa lost its game it did put up 21 points. I expect the Bills to win but I think Tampa Bay covers the spread and lose by a field goal.

Cleveland @ Denver -3

The Browns looked better then expected against a tough Minnesota defense while the Broncos only beat Cincinnati on a last second, fluke play. I expect Cleveland to win this game, they might still be the Browns but they are looking better.

Baltimore @ San Diego -3

Baltimore's defense looked weak against a normally anemic Kansas City Offense, while San Diego looked weak against an equally normally weak Oakland team. But seeing as I have picked Oakland to be my sleeper team of the season, San Diego's near loss doesn't look as bad as Baltimore's I expect San Diego to win and cover.

Pittsburgh @ Chicago +3

Jay Cutler looked more like Rex Grossman in his Bear debut, but I expect him to have a better outing this week. Still Pittsburgh is just too much for the Bears to handle, especially with Urlacher out. I pick Pittsburgh and give the points.

New York Giants @ Dallas -3

Dallas looked good last week against Tampa, but so did the Giants against the Skins. I expect Brandon Jaccobs to return to form this week and the Giants D rush to give Romo some problems. I expect the G-men to not only cover but win the game outright.

Indianapolis @ Miami +3 (Monday Night)

Indy looked bad against the Jaguars, but division games are always tough. Meanwhile Miami looked horrible against Atlanta and couldn't score until the fourth quarter when the game was all but over. I expect the Colts to go into Miami and win big on national T.V.

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