Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week Three predictions

All picks are favorites and the spreads are covered unless otherwise noted.

New york Jets over the Titans – The Jets Defense is just too good, I am apprehensive about this one, but until they give up a touchdown I can't pick against them.

Houston over Jacksonville – Jacksonville just looks really weak, and Houston has a good Offense.

Philledelphia over Kansas City but I expect KC to cover the points – Everyone not wearing a PETA shirt will be paying more attention to how they play Vick then the final score.

Baltimore over Cleveland – Baltimore is going to stomp over an even weaker then expected Cleveland team.

Giants over Tampa Bay – Tampa Bay is horrible this year, look for the Josh Freeman era to begin week 8.

Washington over Detroit but Detroit will cover the spread – As Washington showed it plays down to its competition.

Green Bay over St. Louis – St. Louis will compete for the number 1 pick in next years draft, but what else is new?

UPSET San Francisco over Minnesota – Two similarly constructed teams but I just like the way the 49ers have been playing and this is the Vikings first real test.

UPSET Atlanta over the Patriots – I'm not convinced that Tom Brady is his old self yet, and the Pats' Defense looks bad and will be torn up by Matt Ryan.

Chicago over Seattle – Chicago proved it has a good Defense even without Urlacher last week

New Orleans over Buffalo – Does this one need to be explained? Drew Brees is a beast and the spread is less then a touchdown.

San Diego over Miami but I expect Miami to cover – San Diego has had its troubles this year, but so has Miami, this will be close but I can't bet against Phillip Rivers in this one.

UPSET Cincinnati over Pittsburgh – I think Pittsburgh is the better team, but their O-line is struggling and we all saw what Odom did to GreenBay's struggling O-line last week.

UPSET Oakland over Denver – Raiders didn't look great against KC last week, but they won the game and I think their defense will cause some Orton turnovers and give them the win.

UPSET Indianapolis over Arizona – I don't know how Arizona is favored in this game, they are a good team but never bet against Peyton Manning in a prime time game. I think he wins it on the last drive, again.

And Dallas over Carolina. – Dallas is mad about last week and Jerry Jones (and the Fans) wants to see a win in the new stadium, look for Romo to bounce back against a much weaker Arizona D.

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