Friday, September 25, 2009

Week Two Recap

Week Two, like week one can bring about some pre-mature assumptions, but at least now, with the body of worked doubled the picture of the upcoming NFL season is starting to come into focus. And with that here are my. . .

Week Two observations:

The Jets defense continued to impress, using the blueprint put forth by the Giants during SuperBowl XLII: Rush and hit Tom Brady, making him uncomfortable and force him to make bad throws. Revis is quickly proving that he is the best CornerBack in the league, first shutting down Andre Johnson in week one and then Randy Moss in week two. If the Jets' Defense keeps this up they have a real shot to win the AFC East in Mark Sanchez's first year.

The Bengals looked good, and that has to be the first time I've seen “The Bengals look good” written down on paper since 2005 when the Bengals made won their division. Their defense got to Aaron Rodgers five times and their offense put up 31 points on what was supposed to be a good defense. Who would have thought after three years of people saying “The Bengals are going to return to form this year.” and them not doing it, they might do it when people finally stopped saying that?

On the flip side of that, the Packers looked bad, their offense line looked like it couldn't stop a Pop Warner pass rush, much less an NFL caliber one. They need to figure that out fast, or they will be watching the Playoffs from their living rooms.

The Raiders, who I have gone on record as saying are my sleeper team of 2009 didn't look as impressive in a win as it they did in a lost last week to San Diego. I'm still sticking by them as my sleeper team, but they are going to need JaMarcus Russell to complete more then seven passes if they want to win in this league. That being said he, did bring them down the field on a nine-play, game winning drive that was capped with a Darren McFadden rushing touchdown. Russell seems to make throws when it counts but he'll need to do better if they expect to beat AFC West Rival Denver next week.

Did anyone else see Jerry Jones picking his nose at his new Stadium on Sunday night? Had to be the funniest thing I've seen during a game since the NFL started cracking down on Chad OchoCinco's touchdown celebrations, for me it totally overshadowed the massive stadium and game on the field. It just goes to prove you can be a billionaire, owner of the most valuable team in the NFL, but you'll still get some dry ones up a nostril every now and then.

Speaking of the game on the field, can Tony Romo ever play in important games? Here is Jones' grand opening of his Billion plus dollar behemoth of a Stadium and the dude lays an egg. I watched the game and I still can understand how they made it as close as they did with Romo throwing three interceptions. They should let him and Jessica Simpson get back together and so she can play quarterback in clutch situations, it couldn't be much worse.

Kolb looked far better then I expected for the Eagles, but he couldn't keep up with the Beast that is Drew Brews, can we just give him the MVP trophy two weeks into the season, is that calling it too soon?

The Lions look improved from last year, they still should be called the Detroit Kitty Cats but at least they are showing a little fight in them this year. I expect they will not only win a game this year but they will win two or three this year, and that should be enough to get Stafford a parade down main street.

Are the Patriots going to get it together this year or what? They looked bad against the Bills in a win, and then they lost to the Jets, its only the second week of the season but it seems like Patriot fans should be more worried then they ever have been with Brady under center. Week 3's game against Atlanta should tell us a lot about this team.

The Redskin's offense looked horrible last week, and the players were booed off the field in a win. That doesn't say much about the skins, but what no one is talking about is that it really doesn't say much about the Rams, how disrespected do you think they feel?

Delhomme looked better this week in a loss. Not great but better, like an NFL quarterback. He threw for over 300 yards and only had one interception that came on a 4th down on their last drive. Atlanta is a good team, so if Carolina can play like that every week they should be okay, not where they were last year, but just, okay.

I don't understand Rugby, I've never read up on it, and I've never watched more then ten minutes of it. That being said I've always been intrigued by the sport from which football was born. Channel surfing this Friday brought me to Spike, that was inexplicably airing a Rugby game, here are some things I said while watching:

Oh Rugby, I think I'll watch this.

Why are the Refs wearing pink?

Why isn't anyone blocking?

What down is it?

Why did he just punt?

Why isn't anyone blocking?

What the hell is going on?

Oh! Touchdown! Or, uh, what do they call touchdowns?

Nice hit, maybe they should be wearing pads.

Cool, its like the last play of a football game over and over again, except no one is blocking and I can't tell what the hell is going on.

Why did he just punt?

He Punted again! Why did he do that?

What else is on?

And so ended my hardcore Rugby fandom, is this what its like when Europeans try to watch Football? I wanted to like it, but there was nothing telling me what I was watching, are they close to punting, or is the guy going to run with it? If Rugby ever wants to be popular over here they need to get some Madden-like announcers to say things that are painfully obvious to anyone who watches the sport, but are probably helpful to someone watching for the first time.

Come back tomorrow for my week 3 predictions.

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